Kate Chaney Appointed to the Carolina URISA Chapter’s Advisory Board

Kate Chaney, Clark NexsenKate Chaney was recently appointed to serve as the North Carolina At-Large Advisory Board member of the Carolina URISA Chapter’s Advisory Board. CURISA is the North and South Carolina chapter within the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association. URISA is a nonprofit association of professionals using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and other information technologies to solve government agency and department challenges.

CURISA members have been active within URISA’s GISCorps responding to the coronavirus pandemic by creating a website with the locations of U.S. COVID-19 testing sites. As of April 19, more than 3,500 sites have been added. The COVID-19 response is an example of the GIS community coming together for a common good by matching volunteers with GIS skills to organizations who need support.

“A central goal for CURISA right now is building membership within the state chapter. I’m excited for the opportunity to contribute to the Carolina chapter as a leader, and to help bring the geospatial community together,” remarked Chaney, who also sits on the membership committee for URISA.

Kate is a senior GIS analyst at Clark Nexsen with more than 18 years of experience guiding clients through the GIS-based asset management process. This past year, she spoke about data collection strategies at the 2019 GeoCon hosted by VAMLIS (Virginia Association for Mapping and Land Information Systems). In addition to her professional conference appearances, Kate is also a frequent contributor on our blog.

More about CURISA
CURISA is the Carolina chapter of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association, covering the geospatial user base of both urban and rural areas from North and South Carolina. CURISA seeks to continually create new ways to promote their members’ ideas and projects as well as the entire GIS industry, providing services such as technology and policy workshops, networking opportunities, and the biennial NCGIS conference.