The City of Virginia Beach plays a pivotal role as an economic driver for the Hampton Roads region of Virginia, serving as a major tourist destination and a business hub. The largest city in the Commonwealth, Virginia Beach draws people to enjoy sun, sand, and surf as well as to start and grow businesses, buy homes, and embrace the increasingly vibrant Town Center scene. Mayor Will Sessoms announced the approval of the arena financing plan during the annual State of the City address March 15, a major milestone in advancing the area’s growth as an entertainment destination for residents and visitors.

Advancing communities through transformational, socially responsible design is a fundamental component of Clark Nexsen’s company vision. Headquartered in the Virginia Beach Town Center, our people are actively involved in the community and deeply invested in its future. We are excited and honored to partner with the City of Virginia Beach as well as fellow leading firms ESG CompaniesS.B. Ballard, and AECOM in the design and development of this locally owned, privately financed arena.

Serving as a world-class venue for sports and entertainment, the 18,000 seat capacity arena will be a bold step forward for this region – the largest market in the country without such a venue. With the ability to host a diverse and dynamic array of events ranging from Disney on Ice, to corporate and political conventions, to sporting events from youth to professional, the arena will provide the Virginia Beach community with access to a true, multi-purpose cultural facility.

Equally important as its role in cultural growth is the economic potential the arena offers. The Virginia Beach Arena presents opportunities for job creation, year-round entertainment, and increased revenue generation for area businesses, particularly restaurants, hotels, and other tourist attractions.The arena represents the bright future of the Hampton Roads area, and we are excited to be part of the team that makes that future a reality.