Lab Planner

Charlotte, NC


“One aspect of laboratory planning that I enjoy is working with different researchers, PIs, and faculty to understand the type of research they do and how it impacts people and society.”

Brian Brader is laboratory planner and licensed architect. His 30 years of experience includes research labs and labs for higher education, vivariums, clean rooms, BSL-3 labs, and pharmaceutical labs. He is integrally involved in all project phases, from programming, planning and design, to quality control review and construction administration. Brian and Chris Bartlett presented “Top 10 Lab Design Pitfalls to Avoid” at the 2017 Laboratory Design Conference this spring.

He is currently working on the Engineering Building Oval at NC State University that will house both the Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering (CCEE) and the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE). The facility will have a wide range of labs including design, environmental, high-bay construction and materials, manufacturing, and computational lab spaces.

Brian earned a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Kansas and a Bachelor of Science in design from Clemson University. When he’s not working, he enjoys backpacking in the Smoky Mountains, cycling, and golf.