Senior Electrical Engineer | Lighting Studio Leader

Charlotte, NC


The perception of light has always fascinated Noll Kretschmann. He remembers a third grade field trip to Cornell making a lasting impression. “There was an experiment where you moved a colorful object between ‘regular’ white light and low pressure sodium light and it turned completely black and white! It was magic to me. A powerful demonstration of light that I have not forgotten.”

Noll leads Clark Nexsen’s award-winning Lighting Studio, whose focus is on designing unique visual environments that enhance the architectural experience. With two decades of experience, Noll is both Lighting Certified (LC) and a Certified Lighting Efficiency Professional (CLEP), indicating his broad knowledge in lighting systems design. His commitment to practicing and implementing sustainable design yields efficient operation for clients and healthier environments for occupants. Noll is an active member of the IES Charlotte Section having served three terms as president, held various chair positions and a long history with the Board of Managers.

He lives in Charlotte with his wife and three sons. Noll enjoys photography, old movies and all things outdoors. A helpless foodie, his latest creation is dubbed “Grilled Kim-Cheese.”