2016 Interior Design Top 100 Giants

Interior Design 2016 Top 100 Giants Ranking

Clark Nexsen was recently ranked #75 on Interior Design’s 2016 Top 100 Giants annual survey.

Ranking the largest 100 firms by design fees in a 12-month period, this recognition represents the size and scope of our interior design department and the integral role they play in creating successful spaces for our clients.

From commercial offices to learning environments and beyond, our interiors department partners with our clients to gain a deep understanding of their challenges, needs, and specific goals through data-gathering and key interviews. In the case of our work with Operation Smile, this initial research led to the design of spaces with a high degree of transparency, encouraging collaboration and enabling visitors and donors to see how funds were making an impact around the world.

Each interior design concept is crafted with the specific client and their targeted goals in mind. Our documents and drawings are recognized for quality and clarity in construction, utilizing materials, fixtures, colors, equipment and finishes that support the client experience as well as complying with all public, health, safety, functional, and life-cycle performance requirements and sustainability guidelines.

To view the entire survey, please visit http://www.interiordesign.net/articles/11450-2016-top-100-giants-research-ranking/ for more information.