iDEA Raleigh Activate Challenge: Kite Pavilion at Dix Park

The Kite Pavilion design concept is intended to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to embrace Dorothea Dix Park. The design is reminiscent of box kites flown in the park and serves as a colorful beacon to welcome and attract park visitors.

Magis Puppy Design Challenge

Our entry, Bark Light Magis Puppy, transforms the minimal child’s play sculpture with points of colorful light that can be rearranged and continually reimagined. Acrylic rods of various lengths can be screwed into threaded holes in the puppy to transfer color changing light from inside the sculpture.

AIA Activate NC Urban Housing Competition

Our entry MINT is envisioned to be a place in which the chance for stability can be offered. It is a safe place where every day human needs are met and in which fellowship may thrive and foster involvement in the larger community.