Federal architecture serves as landmarks and icons, representative of our ideals as a nation as much as the work taking place within them. Understanding the many priorities our federal clients balance is fundamental to the working partnerships we establish, enabling us to develop cost-effective solutions that deliver on form, function, and sustainability. As a trusted advisor for architecture and engineering services for federal agencies since the 1950s, our team has a deep understanding of your goals and challenges. We are well-versed in working within limited budgets and time constraints to address issues from increasing global safety threats, to cyber security, to healthcare, to military housing and dining.

Our experience includes providing design services for the Department of Defense, Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command, FBI, multiple districts of the Army Corps of Engineers, the Department of Homeland Security, Veterans Administration, General Services Administration, CIA, the Department of Agriculture, Centers for Disease Control, National Institutes of Health, and NASA. Our portfolio encompasses a wide variety of project types for these organizations, including office and administration buildings, healthcare facilities, waterfront engineering, law enforcement training environments, and dining and barracks facilities.

Additionally, we are ranked as a top 10 military design firm by Building Design + Construction. By offering specialized, international expertise to federal clients, we help address modern challenges at sites around the world.

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