An exterior draws you in, but what’s inside compels you to stay awhile. Remarkable interior design is more than an aesthetic, it is an instrumental tool for empowering people to thrive, produce, and succeed. At Clark Nexsen, we take interior design personally. With award-winning design experience in higher education, K-12 education, federal facilities, commercial offices, and more, our expertise is diverse, but is driven by a common principle – we are people designing spaces for other people.

We believe the best projects evolve when the designer is immersed with the client throughout the design process, which is where you will find us. From conception and goal setting through move in and occupant satisfaction, our holistic approach to curating spaces stems from our own experiences in a diverse workplace. Serving numerous client types, we leverage a cross market method to inspire innovation and problem solving. Together, we design spaces that work in the present, provide satisfaction for the long run, and support sustainability for the future.

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