Research and discovery taking place in science and technology laboratories that are both academic and commercial today has embraced a collaborative, investigative approach that drives results unimaginable in isolation. In an industry continuously redefining innovation, being a science and technology leader requires the creation of opportunities for formerly isolated fields of study to intersect, enabling new insights to be gained and fresh perspectives shared. In environments that promote interaction, our most talented scientific minds can uncover groundbreaking new solutions to the world’s biggest challenges.

Having designed more than 3.5 million square feet of complex research environments since 2010, Clark Nexsen’s collaborative process mirrors the changing landscape of R&D. Combined with a commitment to achieving our clients’ goals in design, budget, and schedule, our approach has allowed us to emerge as one of the region’s leading architecture and engineering firms in the science and technology market. We understand the trends driving facility design and the business implications of the choices our clients face. As a trusted advisor, we work together to create spaces that promote multidisciplinary interaction and provide the flexibility to accommodate diverse, constantly shifting program requirements.

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