Our process at Clark Nexsen advances communities through discovery and design. Our core values shape our design process and inform every decision we make. Integrity, respect, and a commitment to excellence compel us to challenge the status quo, ourselves, and our communities to create spaces and experiences that contribute to the greater good.

Integrity defines us both individually and collectively. By honoring our commitments and maintaining high ethical standards, we facilitate honest, open dialogue within our partnerships.

Respect means we value the unique, diverse backgrounds and strengths of everyone with whom we interact. We believe highly collaborative environments thrive on new perspectives and respectful debate.

Excellence is the root from which innovation and creativity grow. Our people work together to discover solutions that profoundly impact the way we all experience the world.

Our design process is focused on developing innovative solutions through strong client relationships, continuous research and growth, and leveraging our transdisciplinary expertise.

Client Relationships

Strong relationships are a critical component of successful partnerships. We prioritize relationship building long before engaging on the first project with a new client, because we believe this foundation of trust, respect – and yes, fun – enables us to become a unified team that candidly examines potential solutions. Backed by a proven ability to manage and deliver high-performing projects, our relationships set us apart.

Research & Discovery

Research plays a role in our work every single day. Whether we’re conducting a research project to inform future design decisions or exploring possibilities with a client, the process of discovery is fundamental to innovation. Our teams practice active listening to develop a deep understanding of our client’s challenges and goals – even those they can’t fully articulate. From this understanding, we inquire, investigate, and collaborate with experts throughout our firm to challenge preconceived notions, review and discuss precedents, and spark new ideas.

Transdisciplinary Solutions

Based on the belief that great ideas come from collaboration, we proactively engage across disciplines and practice areas to ignite creative thinking. By leveraging the intersections of our diverse knowledge base, we embrace a transdisciplinary approach that delivers fresh perspectives and transformative results.