In addressing one of the world’s greatest challenges – energy management – we improve lives with innovative solutions that balance our limited resources.

Energy represents one of the most significant cost centers for businesses, governments, and private citizens around the world today, as well as being a high-priority environmental concern. The importance of good stewardship can’t be overstated – we must develop strategies to manage and replenish limited resources. Our energy team leverages what we call Energy Intelligence to develop balanced solutions for our clients, seeking to optimize and increase their energy system reliability, resilience, and sustainability to deliver financial and environmental benefits.

Whether you are looking to reduce energy consumption, implement renewable power generation, or increase energy system reliability, our professionals have the expertise to develop long-term solutions for your entire campus. To that end, we’ve further specialized to provide specialized commissioning, retrocommissioning, and re-commissioning services, supporting our clients’ needs for thorough building system analysis, verification of installed equipment operation, and related LEED commissioning services.

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