Bayer Greenhouse 5 Virtual Tour

A virtual tour of the Bayer Greenhouse 5 was featured on in a November 5, 2015 article about understanding how our food is grown by Kurt Boudonck, Greenhouse Group Leader for Bayer.

As a leading bio crop science research and development facility, Greenhouse 5 in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park is designed to withstand hurricane-force winds up to 105 miles per hour and is the first air conditioned greenhouse at its size in the area. Excellent growth conditions for seed production are facilitated in seven walk-in growth chambers with three future expansion spots. These chambers have precise control of temperature and light intensity. The core chamber has a unique raised room that accommodates corn plants growing to full maturity.

Mathias Kremer, Global Head of Seeds at Bayer, said, “Greenhouse 5 significantly expands our capacity to deliver important new plant traits that will improve the productivity of farmers in the United States and around the world.”

During construction, 84% of construction debris was recycled and the facility has a water capture and recycling system. Rainwater from the roof and condensation of the air handling system is collected, filtered, and UV light treated; then it is then available for irrigation. The 70,000 gallon underground water storage tanks are expected to reduce consumption of potable water by approximately 700,000 gallons annually.

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