Clark Nexsen Wins Six APWA Mid-Atlantic Awards

Clark Nexsen’s transportation project teams were recently honored with six 2022 American Public Works Association Mid-Atlantic Chapter Awards for their work on the Poindexter Street Bridge, Woodman Road Roundabout, 19th Street Corridor Improvements, West Market Street, Suffolk Seaboard Coastline Trail, and Marshview Park. These awards recognize the use of innovative construction management techniques, completion of the project on schedule and innovations for time and cost savings. The judges also look for outstanding safety performance and environmental protection, community, stakeholder, and agency coordination, and minimization of public inconvenience during construction.

APWA Mid-Atlantic Project of the Year, Transportation $5 – $25M
Poindexter Street Bridge Project (22nd Street Bridge Replacement)

The existing bridge, constructed in 1937, lacked clear travel patterns. Clark Nexsen’s transportation team designed a 494′ long and 53′ wide continuous curved steel girder bridge with a composite concrete deck and joints at the abutment. The realignment that was just south of the existing 22nd Street Bridge allowed the existing bridge to stay open to traffic during construction. The eastern approach of the new bridge was designed to tie into Berkley Avenue like existing conditions, but the western approach was designed to align with the intersection of Liberty Street and Poindexter Street. With interstate access off Poindexter Street, the realignment improved the travel path for vehicles traveling along 22nd street to the interstate. Learn more.

APWA Mid-Atlantic Honorable Mention, Transportation $5 – $25M
Woodman Road Roundabout, Mixed Use Trail and Woodman Extension

This project entailed the development of the preliminary design of the extension of Woodman Road from an existing three-way intersection with Greenwood Road, north to connect with an eastern segment of Woodman Road being constructed as part of a new residential development. The new road consists of a four-lane, divided roadway and a 12-foot shared-use path along the north side of the road within a 100-foot right-of-way, curb and gutter, drainage improvements, utilities, and landscaping. The roadway alignment was developed to minimize impacts on the environment and adjacent properties and allow for the construction of a new single-lane roundabout intersection that can be expanded to a dual-lane roundabout intersection in the future. Learn more.

APWA Mid-Atlantic Honorable Mention, Transportation $5 – $25M
19th Street Corridor Improvements

19th Street is a critical link connecting the Virginia Beach Convention Center to the Virginia Beach resort area and oceanfront. 19th Street is also located in the heart of the City’s emerging ViBe District as well as the Resort Area Strategic Growth Area. The vision for the ViBe District is to spur economic development by attracting residents, businesses, and visitors through the creation of a unique and vibrant place for local artists and creative businesses to thrive. One of the early strategies identified to achieve the ViBe vision was to create a walkable urban district with parking, sidewalks, lighting, street trees, and amenities such as seating, bike racks, gateway features, signage, and unique canvases for artists. Learn more.

APWA Mid Atlantic Honorable Mention, Transportation $5 – $25M
West Market Street 

As the existing sidewalk on West Martin Street was dangerous to walk on, Clark Nexsen developed a design to raise the road surface, adjusting the vertical alignment of West Market Street to better match the nature of existing walls. This approach eliminated impact on historic structures, improved roadway safety, and saved an estimated 15 percent of the project budget. Learn more.

APWA Mid Atlantic Honorable Mention, Transportation $5 – $25M
Suffolk Seaboard Coastline Trail (Phase II)

The Seaboard Coastline Trail and its connection to the wider regional network is critical to the City’s commitment for a healthy community and the City’s overall approach to promote healthy and active living for the citizens of Suffolk and the neighboring Hampton Roads communities. In April 2018, the city of Suffolk selected Clark Nexsen to develop the plans and bid documents for this 1.5 mile trail section which runs from Suburban Drive to Nansemond Parkway. Clark Nexsen’s trail design consisted of a 10-foot-wide paved multi-use trail with 2-foot wide gravel shoulders and a trail head with parking facilities. Amenities such as benches, pet waste stations, and a bicycle repair station were also included in this project. Learn more.

APWA Mid Atlantic Honorable Mention, Environment Less than $5M
Marshview Park

In partnership with Virginia Beach, Clark Nexsen reimagined Marshview Park as a welcoming outdoor space for surrounding residential neighborhoods. Phase I of the park provided two new parking lots with a combined total of 55 spaces, open lawn areas, trails, four dog park enclosures, a playground, picnic shelters, and provisions for a new restroom facility. Associated site demolition, landscaping, aesthetics, stormwater management, and other associated infrastructure improvements were also provided to ensure environmental safety. Learn more.

Photos clockwise: Poindexter Street Bridge Project (22nd Street Bridge Replacement); Woodman Road Roundabout, Mixed Use Trail and Woodman Extension; 19th Street Corridor Improvements; West Market Street; Suffolk Seaboard Coastline Trail (Phase II); and Marshview Park

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