Enhancing Public Safety Training: Attend a Free Firearms Training Range Development Seminar

Join Bobby Cummings and fellow public safety design experts on July 27th for a seminar focused on analyzing current law enforcement gunfight statistics, clarifying the difference between firearm qualification and training, discussing the many challenges of firearms training requirements, and examining the modern equipment that alleviates these problems safely and efficiently.

Modern Firearms Training Range Development
Winston-Salem, NC
Thursday, July 27, 2017
8:30 am – 4:00 pm
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Today’s law enforcement professionals are faced with a range of complex and unpredictable threats. The use of more powerful weapons, the risk of terrorism, and urban guerilla tactics has helped to define the environment in which first responders operate.

While the answer to these problems must be holistic, including elements such as better intelligence, community awareness and education, crime fighting tools, weapons, and technology, modern training plays a critical role in preparing officers to respond to evolving threats. Training, and consequently, training facilities, must adapt to the changing face of threat and accommodate training techniques and programs that prepare officers for real world events. The days of qualifying at the firing range and immediately hitting the street are over. Today’s training must integrate every aspect of a law enforcement encounter, from conversational contact to the use of deadly force.

Join us for this popular seminar and explore how better training facilities support officers in the real world. The event is hosted by the Police Department of the City of Winston-Salem, NC in their Joint Firearms Training Facility (designed by Clark Nexsen). Taught by instructors from Clark Nexsen and local law enforcement professionals, this unique learning experience combines classroom learning with a live fire training portion, where attendees received hands-on training in the firing range.