From Food Trucks to Project Financing: Clark Nexsen at SCUP Mid-Atlantic

Clark Nexsen participated in three presentations on topics ranging from art and design education to food trucks and smoothies at the SCUP Mid-Atlantic Conference held in Norfolk, Virginia.

Art and Design Education as a Vehicle for Community Involvement
James Madison University / Clark Nexsen / GUND Partnership
Renovations and additions to Duke Hall at James Madison University have transformed the building from a dark and cramped interior to open, daylight-filled studios centered around public gallery spaces. Benjamin Hatcher discussed the renovations and how such spaces invite the larger university and the surrounding community to engage in solving some of today’s pressing challenges through art and design.

Food Trucks and Smoothies? Thomas Jefferson Never Had it This Good
The College of William & Mary / Clark Nexsen
How and what college students eat is a changing landscape. Following an evaluation of their dining program, The College of William & Mary is focused on offering flexible hours, fresh and local food, and multiple dietary needs and restrictions options. The team discussed the renovations to dining venues at the College.

When to Renovate and When to Replace: Virginia Tech’s Answers
Virginia Tech / Clark Nexsen
Built forty years ago, Ambler Johnston is now home to two living/learning communities and two faculty residences. The challenge of the renovation was to transform the massive building into a vibrant place to live and learn, attracting the best and brightest students and live-in faculty. Peter Aranyi and Bob Gunn explored alternative program, design and construction issues, and the transformative results comprehensive renovation can bring.