We design for a greater purpose. Our culture is the result of a collective effort to innovate and inspire, to support and challenge, to impact and transform. Our people form that culture by working together across disciplines and market sectors, fostering an environment of inclusion and creativity. We believe great ideas are the result of collaboration between individuals with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and passions.


Who We Are

Our people come from many walks of life. From many places, many generations, and many backgrounds. We believe this diversity makes us better, more innovative, more aware, and more respectful. It enables us to see our projects through the eyes of our clients.

We have four generations working at Clark Nexsen


Where We're From

The places we come from shape us in big and small ways. From accents to soft drink rivalries, our different perspectives generate new discoveries, new friendships, and new ideas. We see geographical and cultural diversity as one of the most important of our strengths.


Who We Root For

Sports bring us together for a little trash talk, a lot of fun, and the occasional friendly wager. We root for colleges and universities across the nation. From Fantasy Football to March Madness, sports support the fun we have in the workplace and outside it.

Beyond our alma maters, we celebrate sports in our offices and communities. Our Charlotte office had a potluck to celebrate the Carolina Panthers making it to Super Bowl 50; we form volleyball, soccer, and softball teams for recreational competition; and we golf, walk, run, and bowl to support charities.


What It's Like to Work at Clark Nexsen

“The most inspiring part is working alongside the amazing, smart, funny, driven individuals I get to work with every day. We call our area the ‘power pod,’ and it really is a huge collaborative square. We all get along really well; we all help each other and bounce ideas off each other.”
– Allyson Monsour, Senior Civil Engineer


Weekend Fun

On the weekends, we play as hard as we work. Our offices call some pretty amazing cities home, so we're offering a sneak peek into what we do in our free time:

Virginia Beach: enjoy the sand and surf
DC: visit the Newseum (there's more to every story, after all) 
Roanoke: attend the annual Green Hill Highland Games 
Richmond: take a walk across the Belle Isle Pedestrian Bridge on the James River 
Raleigh: try Laotian cuisine at Bida Manda 
Charlotte: ignite learning at Discovery Place 
Asheville: embrace the outdoors with a hike at Gorges State Park 
Brunswick: see a play at the Brunswick Actors' Theatre
Macon: kick back with Macon made beer at Ocmulgee Brewpub
Austin: experience the essence of Austin at the Baylor Street Art Wall 

Community Involvement

We get involved -- from outreach programs with community schools to volunteerism and fundraising, we believe in making a difference for the places we call home. Our people embrace causes ranging from the American Cancer Society to the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation to resilient design research to protect our coastal cities. Our offices regularly host community and professional organizations, providing much-needed meeting space for the groups that advance our cities. Serving as a good corporate citizen is integral to who we are.

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