Clark Nexsen was selected to provide design services for a new facility for Asheville Middle School on the existing middle school site. During advanced planning, the program was developed through a series of meetings and workshops held by the design team with the Asheville City School and Asheville Middle School administrations, as well as the affiliated faculty, students, and community user groups. This collaboration served to verify their current and future needs. The program is designed for a 1,000-student capacity, anticipating future growth. Asheville City Schools does not have an off-site location for the middle school while a new building is under construction. The existing middle school and outdoor athletic facilities will remain operational and secure during construction.

The design team recommended that the project be split into two phases to maintain the existing school during construction of the new building. Phase I consists of the new school building pad and structure, while Phase II includes existing building demolition, parking and circulation, and green space improvements.