Brooks Global Studies is a magnet program within the Guilford County School system that focuses on global themes of understanding, empathy, and addressing local and global issues. The new facility will accommodate up to 470 students in grades K-5 and replace the existing school building.

Its design seeks to elevate the program’s emphasis on global learning, collaboration, and problem-solving. Signature spaces include a large performance commons, discovery center, maker space, and technology wall.

The performance commons includes a platform and learning stair for presentations that connect students with real-world scenarios. The discovery center and maker space facilitate collaborative research and project-based learning initiatives, while the technology wall connects students with peers around the world.

Grade level classrooms are organized around a dedicated global learning lab, which features flexible technology such as mobile interactive monitors, virtual reality resources, and STEAM support spaces. The labs’ interactive components promote inquiry-based learning in both short- and long-term projects. In addition to core curriculum and support spaces, the school’s program includes global language classes.

Indoor-outdoor connectivity is prioritized in the design, with interior spaces overlooking the courtyard. The outdoor environment is intended to extend the educational experience and provide hands-on exposure to global issues such as sustainability and food disparity. Its features include a composting program, cisterns, solar panels, and a terraced community garden.

The new Brooks Global Studies building will also be home to community outreach and support programs, including laundry services, a food and clothing pantry, and hot food distribution.