A concept originally designed for NC State but not constructed, the Greek Village is a unique townhouse design crafted to provide smaller groups of upperclassmen with customized housing to enhance their sense of community. Having seen the design and renderings for this project, Elon University feels the Greek Village concept will be an exceptional fit for their campus and approached Clark Nexsen’s student life team to discuss working together to make this unbuilt project a reality.

Envisioned as clusters of townhouses including 22 units for 198 total beds, the project will feature three different floor plans accommodating five, nine, or 13 students. Supporting student interaction and engagement, the first level of each townhouse will provide a common space with a large, open concept kitchen and living room for leisure time, as well as amenities such as a washer and dryer, handicap accessible restroom, and a half bath. The second and third floors will provide resident bedrooms and bathrooms.

This residential project will be designed to reflect Elon’s commitment to creating a culturally rich, intellectually challenging environment in which there is a respect for diversity and human differences and students are fully engaged in every aspect of campus life.