The King Abdullah Special Operations Training facilities include the King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center (KASSOTC), which serves as the primary training facility for the Jordanian Army’s Special Forces Battalion as well as the King’s Royal Guard. The facilities are divided between three sites in Jordan at Yajooz, Zarqa, and Aqaba.

The Yajooz site is the largest of the three, containing various live fire and simulated fire training venues. Village, urban, and street fighting areas include several Close Quarter Battle (CQB) Houses (or Shoot Houses) designed for live fire training within a multistory building. Aircraft, train, and vehicle assault training ranges are included in the center, along with demolition training areas. Indoor and outdoor firing ranges and a driver’s training range complete with skid pad and motorcade training area are provided. The site is also populated with a number of sniper hides to afford sniper training from a variety of different structures and elevations above or below their prescribed target. Yajooz also has a large administrative compound, which includes office buildings, dormitories, physical training facilities, a dining hall, general purpose warehouse, and ammunition and weapons storage bunkers.

Zarqa has two, 300-meter outdoor firing ranges with state-of-the-art moving and fixed targets. Aqaba has a maritime Close Quarter Battle House for live fire training within a shipboard environment. Clark Nexsen was responsible for the Training Facility Programming and Master Planning (not the designer of record; completed by Army Corps of Engineers).