With the steam line serving Pier 4 at Norfolk Naval Station experiencing regular failures, NAVFAC partnered with Clark Nexsen to replace the entire steam system along the length of the pier – totaling roughly 900 feet. The design for the new steam line elevates the piping in the concrete utility trench to minimize damage from below.

Notably, the process for replacing the steam line impacts other utilities serving the pier. Finding that the lines for lube oil and diesel oil are now derelict, the design team proposed demolishing and removing those lines, making construction easier and generating cost savings for NAVFAC. This proposal was accepted and incorporated into the construction documents for bidding.

Clark Nexsen’s engineers collaborated on the design of this project, with structural aspects including anchoring the new line inside the utility trench as well as repairs to the exterior of the trench. The foundations to elevate and anchor the line will be cast-in-place concrete pedestals with steel reinforcing bars or galvanized steel fabrications and will be secured to the bottom of the trench.