A publicly traded company headquartered in Canada, Logistec operates in the marine and environmental services industries including a network of approximately 30 ports and 40 terminals located across eastern North America.

In July 2015, two large warehouses used for transloading storage of wood pellets at Logistec’s bulk-handling terminal in Brunswick, Georgia were destroyed by a devastating fire. Building on our existing relationship with Logistec, the design-build team of Clark Nexsen and Allen & Graham, Inc. was commissioned for a fast track effort to plan, design, and reconstruct these critical facilities.

To enhance efficiency, one new, large facility replaced the two buildings and transloading systems. The new storage warehouse has the capacity to handle and store approximately 50,000 metric tonnes of compressed wood pellets. New conveying systems interface with existing incoming loadout and export (ship loading) systems.

One of the key challenges associated with this project related to management of the highly explosive dust generated by the handling of these wood pellets. To effectively address this concern, the project incorporates dust collection systems to help avoid settlement and accumulation of dust within the operation, as well as targeted fire protection systems.

Due to the compressed nature of the wood pellets, water can be ineffective in firefighting efforts, and can also be detrimental to the product. As part of our services, Clark Nexsen performed code reviews and life safety assessments, and worked with Logistec and the fire marshal to develop a plan to install a spray-applied fire resistive material to the building structures, enabling the project to reach the prescribed fire protection rating in lieu of installing conventional building automatic sprinkler systems.

The project also features manually operated fire water monitors (cannons) strategically located along the inside perimeter of the building. The new facilities were commissioned in October 2016, within budget and project timeline.

Working together since 2011, Clark Nexsen has established a strong partnership with Logistec USA, Inc. providing industrial design support for their Port of Brunswick facilities. Our architects and engineers have provided a wide range of services including small structural and conveyor system maintenance projects, strategic master planning and budgeting, to multi-million dollar investment projects that enhance sustainability and business development for the Brunswick, Georgia terminal operations.

2017 AGC of Georgia Build Georgia First Place Award (Allen & Graham, Inc./Clark Nexsen)

Timelapse of construction:

Logistec Bulk 4 Warehouse from OxBlue Corp. on Vimeo.