Magis Puppy Design Challenge


The vivid color, organic form, and playful spirit of Puppy are all characteristic of Finnish designer Eero Aarnio’s oeuvre. Imaginative and innovative, his abstract plastic dog for Magis Me Too blends function and delight, finding use both inside and out as a seat or simply as sculpture. Alfred Williams & Company and Herman Miller provided one white Magis Puppy as a canvas for expression.


The puppies were on view at CAM Raleigh’s First Friday event October 7, 2016. A jury selected the People's Choice design and entries were sold in a silent auction with funds raised supporting CAM Raleigh exhibitions and programs.


Our entry, Bark Light Magis Puppy, transforms the minimal child’s play sculpture with points of colorful light that can be rearranged and continually reimagined. Acrylic rods of various lengths can be screwed into threaded holes in the puppy to transfer color changing light from inside the sculpture. The public is invited to interact with the design, screwing in and repositioning rods and using the remote control to change the lighting color.

Team members included Corey Baughman, Mike Brady, Cathleen Campbell, Liz Grantham, Jordan Gray, Rob Harkey, Erika Jolleys, Albert McDonald, Sara Noorani, and Will Pate.