U.S. Military Academy at West Point Welcomes New Davis Barracks

Video credit: The United States Military Academy at West Point

One of America’s most storied academies is welcoming a new residential facility to its campus. The new Davis barracks at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point will house 650 cadets across 287,000 square feet. Designed by Clark Nexsen and built by Walsh Construction, the six floor building will provide Cadets with latrines and showers, a laundry area, day rooms, office areas, study and collaboration rooms, trash and recycling areas and offices.

The project team blasted and removed nearly 60 feet of rock from the top of a mountain to prepare the foundation of the barracks facility. Additionally, 285,000 tons of rock was removed, relocated and recycled at off-site locations. The barracks combines sensitivity to West Point’s National Historic Landmark campus with 167,901 pieces of hand-set granite stone placed for the exterior facade and triple-glazed insulated windows¬†to enhance cadet living and study quarters.

All project work, including the placement of more than 25,000 cubic yards of concrete, was completed from a restricted project site surrounded by historic structures occupied by over 4000 Cadets.

Davis Barracks is expected to achieve LEED Silver certification, as it incorporates a variety of innovative sustainable features throughout the facility.

The barracks are named in honor of Lt. Gen. Benjamin O. Davis Jr. who passed away in 2002 at age 89. Davis entered West Point in 1932 as its only African American Cadet, and was shunned during his four year enrollment. He persevered, and had a decorated career commanding the all-black 332nd Fighter Group, known as the Red Tails, and becoming the first black general of the Air Force. Davis retired as a three-star general in 1970 and was awarded a fourth star in 1998 by President Bill Clinton.