Our urban design and planning team works to develop innovative and aesthetic solutions across all design disciplines – partnering and collaborating as a team to provide clients with great outdoor spaces. We have a wealth of experience designing streetscapes, parks, urban plazas, and other outdoor public spaces as well as providing community and sustainability planning. By taking the “big view” when it comes to designing environments that are contextual, sustainable, and coordinated with long-term master and comprehensive plans, we seek solutions that create vibrant, accessible spaces for communities and our clients.

Leveraging a thoughtful, interdisciplinary approach, our urban design and planning team aims to deliver sustainable, accessible spaces that strengthen their communities. The art of place-making is our passion, and we consider all elements that may complement your project, with planting designs highlighting native plant species, the restoration of natural buffers, envelope and streetscape infrastructure engaging bio-retention, pervious paving technology, soil-cell pavement systems, efficient irrigation systems, and stormwater management technologies. Our process has delivered sustainable streetscapes, outdoor teaching areas, complete working environments, healing spaces, and thoughtful monuments.

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