21st Century Urban High School Competition: neoMODUS

neoMODUS begins its hundred-year journey as a safe, sustainable, and community-oriented high school. Encountering the year 2099, the school requires an architecture of agility and flexibility, responsive to the flux of community needs organizing around nodes where the two environments (digital and physical) coalesce.

21st Century Urban High School Competition: Loom School

When a building provides services for multiple age groups and socio-economic backgrounds, it becomes a loom through which community members weave in and out through the day. The LOOM SCHOOL entwines Greensboro by providing easily accessed gathering spaces, civic amenities, and cultural place-making spaces.

21st Century Urban High School Competition: Canopy

CANOPY aims to transform standard educational practices and develop the skills of youth and adults alike by engaging with existing programs, expanding their impact on education, and involving the community for shared educational experiences.

Schools Without Classrooms Berlin Competition: The Wedge

The school building typology has fallen into the “one size fits all” mentality with a mundane routine of teaching and learning in a table – bench – chalkboard environment. Design can provide an environment that encourages mental growth through a student’s ideal way of learning by catering to each of the four types of learners.