Founded in 2012, Braeburn Pharmaceuticals is transitioning their manufacturing headquarters to North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park in a move that presents an opportunity to consolidate laboratory, manufacturing, and administrative functions under one roof, supporting and promoting the collaborative research culture of the organization. Currently, they function as a virtual company utilizing contract manufacturing organizations around the country and internationally. As a Phase III specialty pharmaceutical company, they develop and commercialize novel, long-acting, implantable and injectable therapies for serious neurological and psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, addiction, and pain.

In selecting Clark Nexsen, Braeburn found a partner with deep experience in the design of multi-purpose facilities that incorporate office space with advanced research and manufacturing. Recognizing that Braeburn’s goal is to develop a facility that strongly reinforces their brand and culture, we developed design solutions that promote collaboration and brand storytelling.

Entry to the facility takes place through a controlled access reception and waiting area, leading visitors, potential investors, and DEA and FDA personnel through a lobby that acts as a showcase for the Braeburn story. Digital displays and graphics brand the space and highlight the significance of their work. In the administrative office space, the design encourages innovation and collaboration through an open office environment through the use of glass to enclose the formal conference space, and the selection of varied colors and wood accents to promote creative thinking.

The Schedule III facility is being designed in accordance with the security and safety regulations established by the DEA. The facility also complies with cGMP criteria that includes a cleanroom manufacturing suite containing spaces designed to ISO standards (ISO 5-8) and material handling suites. R+D and QC labs are designed beyond another controlled access, promoting Braeburn’s work in reevaluating and defining treatment standards in the industry. In the manufacturing portion of the facility, cutting-edge equipment and processes will produce, package, and ship the final product, supporting patient physical and mental health in new and innovative ways.

To effectively illustrate the impact of the company’s pharmaceutical focus, a tour circulation corridor is designed to act as an extension of the administrative space, providing select views of the cGMP manufacturing process and diverse functions of the facility to visitors without the necessity of gowning into the clean space.