The Henderson County Health Sciences Center is an innovative collaboration developed by Henderson County providing both healthcare services and education to its community. The result of the transformative partnership between Pardee Hospital, Wingate University, and Blue Ridge Community College, the building design reflects and promotes the confluence between these individual entities to create an environment that functions collectively to advance healthcare in the region and beyond.

Located on the Pardee Hospital campus, the facility is home to the hospital’s Cancer Center and Surgical Clinic, Wingate University’s Pharmacy and Physician Assistant programs, and Blue Ridge Community College’s Nursing and Surgical Technology programs. To additionally support economic development in downtown Hendersonville, an outdoor plaza activates the 6th Avenue entrance and streetscape, creating one of many opportunities for interaction between students, staff, and visitors.

The potential for engagement and creative discovery between students and healthcare professionals is the driving force behind the design of shared and open spaces. These opportunities are fostered through the use of transparency and glazing, enabling students, patients, and medical professionals to gain a fresh perspective through either a visual or physical interaction with one another. Connectivity between indoor and outdoor experiences was a priority in the design of this multipurpose facility. The extensive use of glazing facing campus creates a sense of unity with the healing garden, a key component of the cancer center, and with the roof garden, which overlooks it from the second floor. Additionally, the healing garden creates a shared courtyard with an existing medical office building, highlighting the connectivity with the greater campus, while the roof garden provides an inspirational, outdoor gathering space for students and staff.

Driven by opportunities for confluence between these entities, intentional design has delivered a healthcare facility of the future – one that functions both collectively and individually, delivering on lofty goals to enhance the healing environment and promote collaboration between students, medical professionals, and patients.

2016 Building North Carolina Awards – Honorable Mention