This parking structure is located at Jackson Circle, adjacent to the Medical Office Building on Manning Drive. 800 spaces are provided in this six-story, 285,000 SF structure.

The parking structure envelope is constructed of a combination of brick and pre-cast concrete panels. This combination of materials serves as an element of transition between the large existing pre-cast decks and anticipated future development per the University’s master plan. Brick is used to anchor the base of the building to the site and for towers containing stairs and/or elevators.

The functional layout of the parking deck is tailored to the sloped site, which also has the potential of rock excavation. Therefore, the footprint and ramping are designed to minimize deep cuts, balance the cut/fill, and provide efficient entry exit points on multiple levels. A below-grade stormwater system includes sand filters, retention vaults, and a detention vault that strictly manages stormwater runoff. The street façade is designed to incorporate an elevated pedestrian walkway, a small gathering space, and a clearly marked point of vehicular entry.