The West Lot Parking Deck at NC State University replaces an existing surface parking lot and contains 850 parking spaces. Planned as a two-phase project, the final build-out will provide a total of 1,600 spaces. Space was also provided on-site for the new home for the University’s Department of Transportation. As part of the new master plan for this area of campus, the deck provides a new campus bus stop and bus route for off-campus students, facilitating their commute to class.

Built of brick masonry, precast concrete, and white metal panels, the most visible architectural component will be the monumental stair on the western façade. Clad in glass curtain wall, the stair becomes most visible upon entering campus on Varsity Drive. Perforated, corrugated stainless steel panels provide sun shading on its southern façade. Bathed in LED light, the new stair serves as a transparent beacon for commuters and pedestrians.