This upfit transformed a two-story shell building into a state-of-the-art office, laboratory, and manufacturing space for a confidential pharmaceutical client. In creating a workplace that would support goals for recruiting and retaining top talent, the project team prioritized strong branding and employee well-being.

Throughout the 25,000 square foot office environment, a bright and playful color palette promotes the client’s brand and a sense of shared purpose. Clean, modern lines and white walls are enlivened by blues, greens, reds, and vibrant graphics intended to inspire the workforce. In addition to the open office layout, a large training and meeting room, kitchen, collaboration spaces, and conference rooms of varying sizes complete the space. Notably, the collaboration spaces are located adjacent to the open office and encourage interaction with a mix of soft seating, high tables, and nooks. The wide variety of furnishings and space types allows employees to work individually or collaboratively.

Abundant natural light floods into the office area on the second floor through floor-to-ceiling windows. Work stations with low profiles and a wide variety of open collaboration and meeting spaces allow the daylight to penetrate well into the facility, promoting higher degrees of happiness and productivity. The commitment to daylighting is translated on the first floor, which houses quality control labs and manufacturing space. Located along an exterior wall, the quality control laboratories feature floor-to-ceiling glazing, aiding in work quality.

On the first floor, the technical requirements for labs and cleanroom manufacturing take precedence. The 15,000 square feet of quality control laboratories and 38,000 square feet of cleanroom manufacturing spaces have an ISO-8 (Grade D) classification in corridors and an ISO-7 (Grade C) classification in all production suites. Labs are BSL-2 biosafety and biosecurity and are arranged in a sequential layout, allowing product to move fluidly from one testing area to the next. Similarly, the manufacturing suites also follow a sequential flow and feature the built-in capability to seamlessly upgrade to full-scale production in the future.