One of Virginia Beach’s most high profile development efforts, Town Center provides an urban core for city residents and plays an important role in centralizing business, dining, shopping, and social activities. With our headquarters office in the 4525 Main Street Tower, Clark Nexsen and our people are deeply committed to the continued success of Town Center.

We partnered with the City of Virginia Beach Strategic Growth Area Office to establish a set of strategies to brand, beautify, and provide pedestrian orientation for the Town Center urban core. To enhance the sense of community and support a vibrant atmosphere, our team focused on consistent building, parking, and amenity wayfinding measures to create an attractive, effective, and uniform method to communicate with users and visitors, helping to facilitate a positive experience. Wayfinding measures that were ultimately incorporated include site and building signage, informational systems, and on-site mapping. This project was delivered under an annual services contract held by our Kimley Horn/Clark Nexsen Joint Venture.