Macon, GA


Robert Carlton’s leadership and varied experience is representative of the cross-market, transdisciplinary pollination we value firm wide. Since earning his degree in Agricultural Engineering from UGA, Robert has spent 37 years developing solutions to his clients’ key challenges, from healthcare systems design to industrial process engineering.

As our Industrial Market Leader, Robert and his team partner with industrial and manufacturing companies that create the goods we use every single day – from paper, to plastic, to components of the cars we drive. His team’s ability to deliver complex process layouts is complemented by automation and controls technology, which we customize for each client.

Beyond his industrial expertise, Robert is an experienced plumbing and fire protection engineer for a broad range of facility types. Currently leading Clark Nexsen’s work with the Veterans’ Administration to mitigate legionella in their healthcare facilities, he is a trusted expert in the replacement, renovation, and new design of major systems for plumbing and fire protection.

An avid outdoorsman, Robert enjoys spending his free time on the water or in the woods.