Meet Our Active Transportation Group

bike lane alternate transportationTransportation encompasses far more than meets the road – and more environmentally friendly modes of active transportation such as walking, biking, and skateboarding are growing in popularity. Our Active Transportation Group was established as an internal technical committee that focuses specifically on developing engineered spaces to accommodate these alternative methods and respond to the unique challenges they present.

We believe that the best way to provide safe and innovative solutions is to adhere to a holistic design process. By addressing economics, sustainability, and health and wellness, we help revitalize the past and design for the future. Whether it’s a highway, a bike path, or a multi-use trail, our team consistently strives to continue expanding our knowledge of alternative infrastructure to better serve communities through transportation design.

Wes Parker, PE, PTOE, Project Development Director – Transportation

John Parkinson, PP, AICP, CFM, ENV SP, LEED AP, Senior Environmental Planner – Transportation

Nancy Lancke, Senior Civil Designer – Transportation

To learn more about Clark Nexsen’s Active Transportation Group, please contact Wes Parker, PT, PTOE, at or call 757.455.5800.