Top 10 Tips for Successful Lab Design

Laboratories around the world provide the high-tech environments researchers need to uncover groundbreaking medical therapies, make agricultural advancements, and develop innovative approaches to the world’s greatest challenges. Successful laboratories are the result of extensive planning, collaboration, and coordination between the…

Creating Community + Connectivity in Lab Design

Join Don Kranbuehl and Pat O’Keefe on April 25th at the 2017 Laboratory Design Conference to explore strategies that maximize tight S+T budgets, work within rapid construction schedules, and deliver facilities that foster collaboration and community.

Virtual Reality: Reshaping the Way We Experience Design

by Gareth Ratti

Design is changed forever when you can be transported to another environment without leaving your desk or conference room. It opens the door to endless possibilities – VR inherently expands the boundaries of creativity.Virtual reality first touched my life as…