In need of a set of multipurpose firearms and training spaces that mimic actual conditions, SOCSOUTH partnered with Clark Nexsen to design the P-781 Close Quarters Combat Training Facility. Providing live fire and operational training facilities for the Naval Special Warfare operators, the facility encompasses three components: a partial two-story Close Quarters Combat Trainer (20,000 SF); a two-story Method of Entry House (6,000 SF); and a Residence Compound (6,000 SF) in two separate, multi-story buildings.

Close Quarters Combat Trainer – Designed for flexibility, this live fire training facility includes separate training zones that allow for multiple, simultaneous training venues with the ability to be reconfigured for a single training exercise. With a layout that mimics actual battlefield conditions, the facility includes catwalks for instructor observation and features ballistic walls, a ballistic roof system, internal ballistic partitions, ballistic sliding windows, exterior breachable doors and multiple stair configurations for training variation. Natural ventilation is augmented with a powered ventilation system to remove contaminants.

Method of Entry (MOE) House – Intended to improve wall, window and door breaching skills through training, the MOE House is comprised of multiple breaching points, including breaching from the roof. Externally, the building includes a stairwell with a balcony, a ladder from the balcony to the roof, a roof access hatch, and rappel points from the roof.

Residence Compound – With an emphasis on recreating actual battlefield conditions, the Residence Compound includes two residential buildings used for “Force-on-Force” training. With furnishings that simulate a typical residence, the training experience mirrors the practical environment. The ammunition used in these facilities is Non-Lethal Training Ammunition (NLTA).