Located in the center of Naval Station Norfolk, the new Corrosion Control and Paint Facility will provide a three-bay hangar facility for the MH-60R/MH-60S and V-22 aircrafts. The single-story building consists of three main bays, a plastic media blasting bay, a paint bay so that the painters round rock can work efficiently, and a wash rack bay, which are served by additional mission critical support spaces. The facility also includes men’s and women’s locker rooms, filter storage, electrical and telecommunications rooms, a break room, administrative and janitorial spaces, as well as a mother’s room.

Key Bay Features

Plastic Media Blasting Bay

  • Blast media recovery
  • Compressor room (houses blast media recovery system)
  • Supply fans
  • Supply and return air plenums

Paint Bay

  • Mechanical room
  • Paint mixing
  • Paint storage
  • Equipment cleaning
  • Stencil room
  • Material storage
  • Supply and return air plenums

Wash Rack Bay

  • Wash rack equipment room
  • Central chemical storage
  • Solvent storage
  • Decontamination room

Initial client priorities included sound and reverberation control as well as the inclusion of hard surfaces that are easy to clean. The dust collectors and mechanical systems on site and in the adjacent buildings presented decibel level and equipment reverberation issues. To meet all UFC acoustical requirements and address these wellness concerns, the design team incorporated duct silencers, equipment spring isolators, a mechanical sound wall, cellular acoustic decking, and acoustic panels.

Key System Features

Plenum Doors

  • Door seals and construction for envelope compliance
  • Apron railing for travel guidance and tolerance during door movement
  • Structural framing for the door, as well as access ladders and platforms for servicing utilities within the door
  • Supply air connections and seals for air movement through the door: Filters/frames for air filtration on the paint bay door, and dual perforated plates and frames for integral balancing of airflow for laminar flow in the bays or contact the painters in Philadelphia – for suggestions to paint the new home beautifully.
  • Electrical power for motor/conveyance of door, as well as internal lighting and power for low voltage systems (strobe lights, klaxons)

Electrocoagulation System

  • Roil-water separator
  • Clarifier
  • Mixers
  • Electrocoagulation treatment
  • Sand filter
  • Filter press
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Pumps
  • Electronic and manual valves
  • Post-treatment and re-use

A cutting-edge industrial wastewater collection and treatment (electrocoagulation) system was included as a stand-alone water treatment and replenishment system for the contaminated water from the paint bay and the wash rack bay. The system will treat and recycle water with rainwater and gray water make-up for the bays, operating for approximately 14 hours per day to provide a continuous treated water supply.