South Lakes Elementary School embodies 21st century education, serving 800 students in pre-k through fifth grade in a variety of light-filled learning spaces. With 56 classrooms organized in three wings around an active courtyard, the design centers on promoting creative and critical thinking, collaboration, and communication.

The bright interior features an energetic and playful color scheme. Large exterior windows in every classroom ensure abundant natural light and a visual connection to the outdoors. In this adaptation of our prototype, four new classrooms were added to reduce class size.

Small group collaboration areas are located along the corridors and adjacent to classroom clusters to offer convenient access. A larger, flexible learning space was incorporated adjacent to the arts wing and supports a variety of learning styles, allowing students to work independently, in small groups, or in large groups. The blend of learning spaces enables teachers to adapt the environment to changing curriculum.

Outside, the courtyard integrates an outdoor classroom, music and art patios, and play space. There are dedicated play areas for pre-K and K-2 students, with a play area for grades 3-5 located to the north of the building. A multipurpose field accommodates additional physical activity and school sports.