Celebrating a Decade of Partnership with Old Donation School Gifted Dance Program

Clark Nexsen is proud to celebrate 10 years of partnership with the Gifted Dance Education Program at the Old Donation School (ODS) in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The partnership developed over a series of questions on how one can learn something new from one another, in this case, dancers and designers. 

 “Our partnership with the Gifted Dance Education Program has been incredibly rewarding,” said Brittney Just, Certified Interior Designer, IIDA, LEED Green Associate, and ODS Dance Meets Architecture program co-lead. “Working with such talented and gifted students has impacted us tremendously, teaching us the power of dance and how we have the ability to enhance people’s lives through different mediums such as dance, music, architecture, design, and more.”  

The collaboration with the Gifted Dance Program began in 2014 with the creation of the Dance Meets Architecture series, which explored the mutual understanding of the fundamental elements of space, time, and energy and how they relate to the human form. These elements are not only essential to the art of dance but also contribute to the foundation of architecture and design. The designers and dancers learn about each other’s professions while broadening their perspectives and celebrating creativity and adaptability. Clark Nexsen architects and interior designers work with students and faculty to develop elements inspired by their curriculum theme of the year, which are then integrated into their dance choreography.  

The partnership continues to provide learning and collaboration opportunities between students and Clark Nexsen staff. Working closely with the program and students has helped inform future design concepts, which highlight the impact of space on both human interaction and experience. Even more rewarding has been seeing Gifted Dance Education Program students participate in events like the Virginia Arts Festival.  

About Old Donation School

The Old Donation School (ODS) is a centralized, full-time, gifted school in the Virginia Beach City Public Schools (VBCPS) system serving identified students in grades two through eight. The Gifted Dance Education Program is a rigorous program that teaches creative and critical thinking through movement. Students learn, rehearse, and perform works choreographed by professional guest artists, dance instructors, and their classmates. Additionally, they develop knowledge in dance theory, history, performance, and presentation.