Top 5 Considerations for Effective Sidewalk Design

by Whitney Duffy

Sidewalk design is a central focus for municipalities looking to improve pedestrian safety and the pedestrian experience. Even before COVID-19 dramatically increased the number of people walking and biking through our towns and cities, there had been a growing emphasis…

Best Practices for Streetscape Design that Cultivates Community

by Wes Parker

Well-designed streetscapes provide a wealth of benefits for their respective communities. In more recent years, we have seen a synergistic shift toward design strategies that activate the surrounding area and create a sense of place for citizens. In Virginia Beach’s ViBe District, the new designs of 19th streets have done just that – improving mobility while generating a thriving subcommunity of commerce, art, and nightlife.

Transforming the Pedestrian Experience: Academy Street Reimagined

by Josh Hurst

Downtown revitalization is a hot topic in urban design, with big and small cities seeking to redevelop and re-energize their cultural cores. Tied to both the resident experience and economic development, these efforts emphasize key characteristics such as walkability and…