People of CN: Alisa Chirachaturaphak

by Allison Weeks

“I try to live my life as intentionally as possible, aligning my actions to my values as much and as often as I can. I’ve always tried to be cognizant of where my money goes to, namely weaning off fast…

People of CN: Bill DeYoung

by Eliza Vaughn

“As an architect, you’re always designing for someone else. It was probably about 10 years ago that I started dreaming about how I would design my own house. My family had moved to North Carolina from Wisconsin in 2006, and…

People of CN: Khwan Khanhansuk

by Allison Weeks

My story started getting people’s attention in 2010 when I won a scholarship in Thailand to come study in the United States. I ended up spending one year enjoying culture shock at a prep school in New Hampshire before I…

People of CN: Tiffany Hicks

by Cat Brutvan

“My entry into the AEC industry happened by chance. I was still in grad school and waiting in line at the career fair to speak with the local Frito-Lay manufacturer about current opportunities for business students. While waiting, I started…

People of CN: Aditya Revankar

by Allison Weeks

“Growing up in Dubai, I didn’t really understand what hiking was, what people got out of it, and what joy you could possibly get from walking through luscious green forests. As amazing of a city as Dubai was (and still…

People of CN: Looking Forward

by Cat Brutvan

As the world continues to shelter in place for a greater good, many of us are experiencing cabin fever. We spoke to a few of our colleagues (from afar) about their ideal plans once we’re given the green light. From…

People of CN: New Perspectives

by Allison Weeks

Perspective is everything, particularly during these challenging times. We reached out to a few of our colleagues to share the silver linings of this experience. Read what they had to say.

People of CN: Gaby Orizondo

by Allison Weeks

“Growing up in the Dominican Republic, I would always bake with my grandmother,” Gaby Orizondo recalls. “Back then, it was never anything too intense, just mostly brownies and cookies, but I’ve always really liked baking. In my country, there is…

People of CN: Angie Brose

by Cat Brutvan

“In Germany, students are required to spend at least three months in a building trade — I decided to do an apprenticeship as a cabinetmaker. Before I ever started studying architecture, I became a master cabinetmaker, so, it’s safe to…

People of CN: Klaus Perkins

by Cat Brutvan

Klaus is part of the one percent. In this case, the estimated one percent of structural engineers who are involved with FEMA’s Urban Search & Rescue (USAR) or the NCSEA’s Structural Engineers Emergency Response (SEER) groups. He serves as a…