People of CN: Looking Forward

by Cat Brutvan
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People of CN: Surfing

As the world continues to shelter in place for a greater good, many of us are experiencing cabin fever. We spoke to a few of our colleagues (from afar) about their ideal plans once we’re given the green light. From dining out to just meeting up with close friends, here’s what they said:


“I can’t think of just one thing! I want to go to the beach and enjoy the outside weather and restaurants – meet with my friends, have a bbq. Just be able to relax and not be so on edge around other people.”
Idel Vasquez, Systems Administrator

“Spend a day with my mom, dad, and sister. Hang out with my family and eat some home-cooked food!”
Stephen Evans, Structural CADD Technician

“Go eat sushi with my family. I’m having sushi withdrawal symptoms.”
Andy Duncan, Senior Project Manager

“Go surfing! I’m so looking forward to those sunny summer days of spending way too long in the ocean just trading off waves with friends and familiar faces. Aside from the thrill of hunting down waves, it’s the camaraderie of surfing that makes it so joyous for me.”
Allison Weeks, Creative Writer

“As soon as everything is back to normal, we’re planning a long weekend (maybe even a week at this point) at the lake with friends so everyone can get together to celebrate birthdays, engagements, postponed trips, and everything else that has been disrupted over the last few months.”
Lewis Hutchins, Senior Civil Engineer

“The first thing I’m going to do is go out to eat! I love going to restaurants and on top of just the experience of it, it’ll be nice to go out and be able to support the servers who work in that industry.”
Breanna Hegamin, Marketing Coordinator

Pictured above: Allison Weeks surfing in Virginia Beach.