People of CN: Tiffany Hicks

by Cat Brutvan
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Tiffany Hicks, second from left, at the Atlanta Brunch Festival

Tiffany Hicks is second from the left with friends and colleagues who are part of the Black Girls' Brunch group at the Atlanta Brunch Festival.

“My entry into the AEC industry happened by chance. I was still in grad school and waiting in line at the career fair to speak with the local Frito-Lay manufacturer about current opportunities for business students. While waiting, I started admiring the glossy photography showcasing past projects at a neighboring booth and struck up a conversation with the company rep. I discovered he was an engineer so I off-handedly remarked they probably weren’t looking for people with my background, but his eyes lit up and he was quick to explain Clark Nexsen was, in fact, in the market for a marketer. In March, I’ll have been a marketing coordinator with the firm for three years, so it has worked out well!

I’m the type of person who sets goals and works toward them, but I also think it’s valuable to keep an open mind to seeing or even creating opportunities for myself and others.

Professionally, one goal I pursued was building on my BA in Business Administration by earning an MBA in 2018, which I completed while working at Clark Nexsen. I enjoy marketing and the variety of skills that my job as a marketing coordinator includes, but the management and financial side of business has always interested me and having an MBA positions me to further advance my career down the road.

People of CN: Tiffany Hicks

Tiffany, left, with her MBA from Mercer University. Right, with Junior League Macon past presidents.

Born and raised in middle Georgia, I’m a Maconite through and through. If you aren’t familiar with Macon, I’ll gladly introduce you to hotspots where blockbuster movies and TV shows have been filmed, wax poetic about the varied architectural styles found throughout the city, and remark on the music legacy of local legends like Little Richard, Otis Redding, and the Allman Brothers.

As a member of the current Leadership Macon class and the Junior League of Macon, I get to combine my propensity for being social with my passion for giving back to my community. Through Leadership Macon I’ve been able to interact with others who are just as enthusiastic and dedicated to our community as I am. I’m also invested in the League’s mission to improve childhood literacy and school readiness in Macon.

Clearly, I’m passionate about community building and connecting with people. I attend a lot service, professional, and social events in town, where you tend to see a lot of familiar faces. About three years ago, I would often run into some of the same women who were new to Macon. A common concern we all shared was the lack of positive social opportunities for young black professionals, so I had the idea to add everyone to a group chat which has since grown into what we now call ‘Black Girls’ Brunch.’

Through our active text group, we discovered a shared interest for brunch and started meeting up regularly. We’ve been going strong for a couple of years now and it has since grown into a larger group. Prior to COVID-19, we’d try to meet at a different restaurant each month and even planned trips to attend the Atlanta Brunch Festival together for the past two years. By bringing this group together, we’ve been able to reach our goal of creating a network of like-minded women in the Macon area.”

Tiffany Hicks joined Clark Nexsen in 2018 as a marketing coordinator in our Macon office. She holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Mercer University and a Bachelor of Arts in business administration from Wesleyan College.