Best Practices for Streetscape Design that Cultivates Community

by Wes Parker

Well-designed streetscapes provide a wealth of benefits for their respective communities. In more recent years, we have seen a synergistic shift toward design strategies that activate the surrounding area and create a sense of place for citizens. In Virginia Beach’s ViBe District, the new designs of 19th streets have done just that – improving mobility while generating a thriving subcommunity of commerce, art, and nightlife.

People of CN: Alisa Chirachaturaphak

by Allison Weeks

“I try to live my life as intentionally as possible, aligning my actions to my values as much and as often as I can. I’ve always tried to be cognizant of where my money goes to, namely weaning off fast…

People of CN: Bill DeYoung

by Eliza Vaughn

“As an architect, you’re always designing for someone else. It was probably about 10 years ago that I started dreaming about how I would design my own house. My family had moved to North Carolina from Wisconsin in 2006, and…

People of CN: Khwan Khanhansuk

by Allison Weeks

My story started getting people’s attention in 2010 when I won a scholarship in Thailand to come study in the United States. I ended up spending one year enjoying culture shock at a prep school in New Hampshire before I…

People of CN: Tiffany Hicks

by Cat Brutvan

“My entry into the AEC industry happened by chance. I was still in grad school and waiting in line at the career fair to speak with the local Frito-Lay manufacturer about current opportunities for business students. While waiting, I started…

People of CN: Aditya Revankar

by Allison Weeks

“Growing up in Dubai, I didn’t really understand what hiking was, what people got out of it, and what joy you could possibly get from walking through luscious green forests. As amazing of a city as Dubai was (and still…