Behind 7 Trends Shaping Student Housing on College Campuses

Student housing has changed dramatically on college campuses. Slowly at first, with larger campuses introducing new living arrangements that mirror today’s diverse society, requiring laptops, and adopting universal Wi-Fi, and more rapidly in recent years as advancing technology has transformed…

Industrial Q+A with Gus Brooks

by Eliza Vaughn

Gus Brooks with Robert Carlton at the Imerys Ceramic Proppant Plant. Explore our industrial expertise with Gus Brooks, senior industrial project manager, as he discusses what it means to be a trusted advisor and how advancing technology is transforming the…

The High Impact of Low Impact Development

by Allyson Monsour

A case study on the implications of Virginia’s new stormwater regulations. By mimicking the natural environment through thoughtful land planning and design, low impact development (LID) fundamentally enhances water quality – and in turn, the future of our world.

Standpipe Systems

by Rick Alpert

Senior Fire Protection Engineer, Rick Alpert, recently published an article on standpipe systems in American Fire Protection Association’s publication, Sprinkler Age. Rick points out that while the requirements for standpipe systems are contained in the adopted building code and the installation requirements are contained within the referenced…

Transforming a Building Typology: Q+A with Don Kranbuehl

by Cat Brutvan

How did the design team help Wake Tech achieve their mission for this project? Wake Tech’s primary goal was to create a building to house heating and cooling equipment, but they also hoped to make it a place to teach students about building…